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Welcome to the SHFG Outreach Page

The histories of the federal government and of the nation it serves are deeply intertwined, and the increasing complexity of government has been a response to the spectacular growth of the United States since its birth. Our government has been involved in recording its own and the nation’s evolution from the beginning.

The Society for History in the Federal Government (SHFG), a nonprofit professional organization, is pleased to present this new Outreach page. Its purpose is to contribute to a better understanding of our national history by making available digitally and in one place the rich narratives and the extensive raw materials of history that the federal government has collectively compiled over the years.  

Click on Federal Agency Histories to see links to history sites prepared by over 150 federal agencies, from the giant Department of Defense to the tiniest presidential commissions.

Click on Historical Resources for links to federal organizations that hold physical collections, such as the Library of Congress and the National Archives, and provide historical information, documents, learning aides, and other material based on their collections that provide insight into the  history of the United States.

Please note that historical programs can serve both functions, so whatever your focus, we encourage you to explore both sections. Many sources linked from this portal contain classroom-ready educational materials for students and teachers. In the future, we hope to add more learning tools.

This BETA version is for SHFG members only. Please do not share with others at this time.


On April 13, 2017, the SHFG Executive Council approved a motion for the development of a program to more effectively project the broad range of federal government history to the American public, from K-12 students to the working and the retired throughout the nation. To this end, it authorized the establishment of a task group which would develop this program and present it to the Society's members for comment and review. The present web page is the product of their efforts. The group's membership is as follows:

Judson MacLaury, Chair, Historian, Department of Labor (ret.)

Carl Ashley, Historian’s Office, Department of State

Christine Blackerby, Center for Legislative Archives, NARA

Elizabeth Charles, Historian’s Office, Department of State

Lee Ann Potter,  Director, Educational Outreach, Library of Congress

Michael Reis, Senior Vice President, History Associates,

Don Ritchie, Senate Historian Emeritus

Marc Rothenberg, Research Associate, Smithsonian Institution Archives

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