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ISSUE 7, 2015

Federal History 2015 cover final

Cover:  “Fight or Buy Bonds,” poster by Howard Chandler Christy, 1918

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Title Page/ Contents

Editor’s Note

— Benjamin Guterman

Roger R. Trask Lecture

Setting Precedent: The First Senate and President Washington Struggle to Define “Advice and Consent”
— Charlene Bickford


Public Management of Big Data: Historical Lessons from the 1940s
— Margo Anderson

The War Bond Poster: State Fundraising and National Cohesion Through Mass Media During the World Wars
— Hunter Hollins

A New Frontier: Reevaluating JFK’s Civil Rights Record Through a Case Study of Prince Edward County, Virginia
— Brian E. Lee

Research and Resources

The State of Congressional History
•  Introductory Remarks, Richard McCulley

•  Promoting the History of the Senate, Donald A. Ritchie

•  Engaging the Public in the History of the U.S. House of Representatives, Matt Wasniewski

•  Resources and Perspectives, Raymond W. Smock

Fifty Years of Collecting: Curatorial Philosophy at the National Museum of American History
— Steven Lubar




Federal History features scholarship on all aspects of the history and operations of the federal government, and of critical historical interactions between American society and the government, including the U.S. military, 1776 to the present. It also publishes articles examining contemporary issues and challenges in federal history work. The journal highlights the research of historians working in or for federal agencies, academic historians, and independent scholars. 

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