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CALL FOR PAPERS: 2024 SHFG Annual Meeting

Making History Accessible

Deadline: Extended to February 15 

Library of Congress
James Madison Memorial Building
Washington, DC

May 30-31, 2024

CALL FOR PAPERS: 2024 SHFG Annual Meeting

Making History Accessible

Deadline: February 1, 2024

Library of Congress, Madison Building, Washington, DC 

May 30-31, 2024

Historical knowledge and resources should be available and accessible to all. This year’s SHFG conference will explore the numerous and creative ways that federal historians, curators, archivists, administrators, contractors, and specialists are making federal history and historical resources available to public and professional audiences. While expanding access to the past on new platforms has many benefits, it also presents a range of challenges. We encourage submissions that address these obstacles, in either specific or abstract ways, and that discuss how historians and organizations can work–and are working–toward the goal of making history accessible to wider audiences.  

The Society encourages proposals on the following subjects: 

        • Declassification 
        • Digital history and humanities
        • Digital preservation and presentation of records
        • Making archival resources accessible
        • Serving underrepresented communities
        • Americans with Disabilities Act efforts 
        • Web-based projects
        • Online exhibits
        • History-oriented social media campaigns
        • History and the use of new technologies
        • Oral history

The Program Committee invites proposals for the following formats:

ROUNDTABLE: Includes short presentations by panelists, followed by discussion and feedback from panelists and from the audience. 3-6 participants. 

STRUCTURED CONVERSATION: Facilitated, participant-driven discussions designed to prioritize audience dialogue and contain little or no formal presentations. 3-6 participants. 

LIGHTNING ROUNDS: Participants make short presentations–no more than 5 minutes each–to summarize their research or projects. Up to 15 participants. 

WORKSHOP: A workshop provides concrete practical tools and lessons for a smaller group of attendees on a specific subject or skill. Organizers submit proposals, and after acceptance attendees can register for the workshop. 15-30 participants. 

TRADITIONAL PANEL: At least three presenters, a chair, and a commentator. 3-6 participants. 

INDIVIDUAL PAPERS: While individual proposals are welcome, individual presentations will be combined with similar proposals to make a full session. The Program Committee will consider proposals for entire sessions before reviewing individual papers.

OTHER: Proposals for additional formats not described above are welcome. 

Submission Process

All proposals should include a title and session abstract (200-300 words), brief abstracts of each participant (200-300 words), and biographical paragraphs and contact information for each participant. Individual paper proposals should include a brief abstract (200-300 words), a brief biographical paragraph for the presenter, and contact information.

All proposals should be submitted using this Google Form.

Please direct any questions to the Program Committee at:


Society for History in the Federal Government
PO BOX 14139
Ben Franklin Station, Washington, DC 20044

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