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Federal History 2021



Cover: John Jay as United States secretary of foreign affairs, c. 1784. See the article on Jay’s diplomacy on page 15.
(Engraving by Asher Brown Durand, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)

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Title Page

Editor’s Note
---Benjamin Guterman

Roger R. Trask Lecture

---Bill Williams



Federal History features scholarship on all aspects of the history and operations of the federal government, and of critical historical interactions between American society and the government, including the U.S. military, 1776 to the present. It also publishes articles examining contemporary issues and challenges in federal history work. The journal highlights the research of historians working in or for federal agencies, academic historians, and independent scholars.

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ISSN 2163-8144 (print)

ISSN 1943–8036 (online)


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